Unibet is unique in its offerings and has some good features. You cannot join if you are a US based player, but they allow players from the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and many other countries.

Unibet is a newer company. As a newer company, they have to offer a lot of value to get new players to join. As they mature and stop trying to grow as rapidly, I’m sure they will start offering similar bonuses as other companies. Right now, they offer more bonuses than a lot of other companies.

Being newer also means more modern software and poker platforms. Unibet is definitely a serious contender in the poker space and is definitely a company that can hold its own weight.

Bonus Program

Unibet provides a massive bonus to new players. It’s definitely one of the biggest bonuses around. If you are new to Unibet, you will be eligible to receive their massive €500 welcome bonus as well as several other big bonuses.

The way they structure their bonus is a little different than a lot of the other online poker rooms. Like most places, their bonus is deposited in your account in increments. Where Unibet differs is the fact that theirs is not a deposit bonus like most other companies.

With Unibet, you don’t have to deposit €500 right away to get the max bonus. The way you get the bonus is to just be active and have money in your account. The longer you have an active and funded account, the more bonus money you will receive.

They also offer other bonuses such as a ticket to the Unibet Open and an invitation to the €500 New Players Freeroll.

Browser And Software Options

unibet poker software

One of the best things about Unibet is the fact that you aren’t required to download software. There is nothing wrong with downloading software because using software can be beneficial and provide more features.

Some players just don’t like to download software on their computers. It’s just a mat

ter of personal preference, but it’s nice that Unibet provides a browser based option.

On top of having browser and software based options, Unibet also allows you to play on your Android or iOS tablet. Each respective Unibet platform has been optimized for its specific medium  to ensure a smooth playing experience. It’s nice to have custom software for each device.

Poker Games

  • No Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha

Other Features

Live Streaming

All of the Unibet Open events are live streamed via Twitch. On the steams you will be able to see the strategy and analysis of the pros.

No Playing Assitance

You will not be able to use heads-up displays or poker database software at all. This means that you have to bring your A-game and so does your opponent. It’s just human beings making the calls at Unibet. You won’t have to worry about playing against someone who has an unfair advantage. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars since you will not have to play against these robots that know all of the probable outcomes.


You will be able to complete challenges to earn rewards. The rewards are quarterly which is nice. Some poker rooms only do monthly rewards. Quarterly rewards give you more time to complete the challenge and accumulate points. You will be able to win bonusses, Unibet Open package, tournament tickets, and of course, cash.


Unibet has an aggressive bonus and reward program aimed at attracting and keeping new customers. They also don’t let users use tools that make decisions for them. This could be very lucrative if you take advantage of their bonuses and are skilled enough to where you don’t need to use a poker database tool. Unibet is definitely a contender and deserves serious consideration.