betfair poker tableBetfair is a veteran in the online poker game. They opened their doors in the year 2000 and haven’t looked back since.

Betfair is no small player in this industry. They have a massive player base and are a top 3 worldwide online gaming site.

They have been thriving but they haven’t let it go to their head. You can tell by their generous welcome bonuses that they are still focused on their players.

It’s nice to see an older company that hasn’t become complacent. Betfair’s bonus program is downright aggressive and much welcomed in the competitive world of online poker.

Bonus Program

Betfair has one of the best welcome bonuses in the poker space. You will receive €20 for free. That’s great, but they don’t stop there.

They also offer an ultra generous deposit bonus. They will match your first deposit up to €1,500! Holy smokes they really want your business. It feels good to be wanted.

The online poker space is very competitive. There are plenty of make money online industries but it isn’t as cut-throat as the online poker industry. It would be hard to find such a big deposit bonus in any other industry.

On top of the massive deposit bonus, Betfair offers several extras such as five Sit And Go tokens, five €5 free play on Betfair Casino, five Satellite tickets, and more.

Betfair is clearly going all in on rewarding their players due to the ultra competitiveness of the poker industry. They have the upper hand on a lot of companies. Since they are so old and established, they can afford to give massive bonuses. It’s a nice change of pace.


Betfair has a dedicated poker app for Android and iPhone. You will be able to play poker from anywhere, especially those time where you get stuck at a boring party or graduation.

To play on your computer you will need to download their poker software. This ensures that everyone gets a fair shake and that no browser based poker helpers are used.

Games Available

No Limit Texas Hold’em

Classic High Stakes Texas Hold’em. Your bets are not restricted.

Limit Hold’em

Just like Texas Hold’em but the bets are limited to predefined sizes.

Pot-limit Hold’em

Your max bet is limited to the size of the pot.

Limit Omaha

Your bets are restricted to predetermined sizes.

Pot-limit Omaha

You get four hole cards and five community cards dealt face up. You have to use two of your hole cards in order to create your hand.

Pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Just like Omaha but the pot is divided between the high hand and the low hand at the conclusion of the game.

7 Card Stud

You have to post an ante before the game starts and there aren’t community cards. This variant is a lot different than Hold’em but can be just as much of a thrill.

7 Card Stud Hi-Lo

Same as 7 Card Stud but the pot is divided between the high and low hand.


Just like 7 Card Stud, but the best five card low hand is the winner.

Fun Fact

One of the interesting things about Befair is the fact that they are legally operating in just one US state, New Jersey. I don’t know if we should pat Betfair on the back, or slap the US on the back of the neck for having such weird poker laws.

Other Features

Betfair is more than just a poker site. They also offer a wide variety of sports betting. They have everything from darts to horse racing and everything in between.

Their online casino has all kinds of games. You can play Age of the Gods, Blackjack, Roulette, and so many more.

Betfair is a full service online casino. They have just about any game you can think of.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can make deposits and withdrawals via Paypal if you live in a country that allows it. If not, you can use VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, MoneyBrokers, and several other services to handle your transaction.


You can’t go wrong with this veteran company, but you have to know exactly what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a company that only offers poker, than this is not the best fit for you. But if you like to play a variety of games, then Betfair is a company you should definitely consider.